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Situated in Palma Nova, Mallorca, we will resolve all of your paperwork problems with fast efficient, friendly service.

We offer a first class service that saves you time and money for all vehicle registration processes.


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If you’re new to Mallorca, understanding Spanish registration rules and regulations can be nightmare. We can help you through change of ownership, transfer of number plates, MOT, driving licence transferal and taxes.

There are different ways to register your car, if you come to live in Mallorca and are changing your place of residence then the registration taxes are exempt, if you buy a car and want to register it in Spain then you must pay the registration taxes which go on the C02 of the vehicle, this can range from 0% to 16%.

When you register a car in Spain there is a registration tax to pay to the tax office, it’s a percentage of the value of the car depending on the C02 of your car:-

Under 120 C02 is 0%

Between 121 and 160 is 4.75%

Between 161 and 200 is 9.75%

Over 200 is 16%


Relocating to Spain can be  frustrating time when it comes to language barriers and lack of knowledge of the area you’re moving to.

Most Town Halls and government facilities generally have a foreign speaking department or at a bare minimum a translator at hand to help you through the varying processes of registering, setting up social security numbers, residencias, etc. etc.

Unfortunately these departments are not always obvious to the newcomer and hours if not days can easily be wasted trying to find the right person or department.

We can help you through the process of relocation by arranging appointments, accompanying you as you set up bank accounts etc.

Accomplished and armed with masses of local expertise, your applications for NIE numbers and the rest of administration difficulties will be dealt with great efficiency.


There are a number of reasons to register with the local authorities including births and marriages as well as local elections and road tax.

Spanish law has strict rules regarding change of address and school registration.  We can guide you through the many processes involved and even accompany to provide  translation.

We now offer a complete business service in conjunction with trusted accountants and legal bodies to assist you in your business ventures whether they are a partnership, limited company or self employed. We arrange business accounts, tax returns, work contracts and legal advice.

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